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Doterra Review

by Charlotte Reid on July 20, 2012

Doterra Review–See If This Company Is Worth Joining

Why This Doterra Review Is a Prioritydoterra trio kit Doterra Review

A Doterra Review by a someone who enrolled over 12 people into this company in her first year without any actual skills whatsoever. And I wasn’t really trying–because I was focused on building another company.  So what’s so great about Doterra that I would explore 10 other companies, turn down paychecks in 3 of them, and stick with Doterra? Keep reading to see why you need to have a Doterra Review.

My focus on health and wellness dated back a few years–but not so much that I was a fruit cake or fanatic about all things natural or healthy. I just knew that using essential oils was the way to go. When I used them, we got sick less often, we took care of almost all our issues at home, and the oils worked FAST.

I was happy with the oils I had been using. I saw some results, and life was good. So I focused on building another network marketing company because I was enfatuated with the idea of the network marketing lifestyle. And then, BOOM!

Someone waved a bottle of Balance under my nose and I got a good WHIFF of that stuff.

Then that “friend” disappeared–she moved to South Africa and we lost touch.

And it took me 3 months to track down that smell.

Before I knew anything about the company I had ordered a “Dr. Mom Kit” that had all the basic oils I was already using. And when that cute little box arrived just 2 days later, I RIPPED it open.

And rapidly unscrewed the lids of the Peppermint and Lemon oils–my favorites. WOW.

No, that doesn’t even describe it. I was so completely SHOCKED at the power, purity, and clarity that I was smelling, I just kept sniffing it.doTERRA Family Physician Kit3 Doterra Review

Then I learned that the company was founded on the idea of bringing the most pure, potent essential oils to the market–something no one else had done. That was the mission of the leaders of Doterra.

They involved over 5 business people and MLM leaders, and essential oil gurus into the formation of their company. Which I totally love–because I was in one company 8 years ago with just 1 guy at the head. You think that one person had all the best ideas?

No way, especially because he didn’t listen to what his distributors wanted.

So I’m really a fan of companies that have multiple leaders at the top because they are more apt to listen, use team work, and they have more brainpower to draw from.

Multiple leaders, with oodles of experience in both network marketing and essential oils was the second biggest draw I had to the company.

The first draw to Doterra was obviously a unique, awesome product.

I didn’t really look at the compensation plan when I first enrolled–because I didn’t understand it. All those numbers were confusing. I just knew that if I shared these oils with my friends and family, I’d get paid. And I REALLY wanted to share because these essential oils were the best thing I’d ever smelled.

And I saw immediate results from them because I smeared the Melaleuca essential oil all over my blemishes and POOF! Gone!

Unlike the previous company I had been in, people actually liked the Doterra essential oils. They smelled great. And the blends were just right–very pleasing and easy to enjoy.

I gave away a handful of samples, and everyone who got a sample enrolled. Everyone wanted these Doterra essential oils. It was MAGIC!

But I didn’t quite get it at first, because my focus was elsewhere. So over the course of the next year, I inadvertently enrolled over a dozen people just by giving away some samples, sharing the oils, and telling people the stories of how they had helped my family.

When someone explained the compensation plan to me, Doterra really started to seem like the right company for me. But my professional network marketing friends just didn’t seem to think so. They had looked at the compensation plan but weren’t that impressed.

“It’s too simple, and the oils are hard to tell people about. The one thing that company has going for them is that those oils actually work, and they work FAST! How are you going to share that on the internet?” They would say.

Now I can see that the simplicity of the compensation plan is perfect–it really truly is what it is. Share the oils with 3 people, and help them share with 3 people and you’ve got your oils paid for, PLUS you are on your way to earning a residual income for LIFE. Yes, it’s that easy.

And sure, if you try to tell people about how the essential oils work, and get into the deep scientific explanations, it is hard to talk about. But if you stick to the stories that you have experienced because you used the essential oils on your family, it works. Telling stories is the easiest and best way to teach people about Doterra essential oils.

And sharing that via the internet? Great idea! I’ll mail out samples–which has worked miracles for so many people.  Then they have a story of their own.

So just tell the stories! Here are some stories that go with How To Use Peppermint Essential Oil.

Now I had discovered 4 prime keys that made Doterra Review something to look at:

1. Product I could be passionate about

2. Team of leaders with experience behind the company

3. Lucrative pay plan

4. And the easiest way to enroll someone–tell them a story

I didn’t discover the next Doterra talking point until I attended convention. I’d been to a couple other company conventions and was interested to see how this one would be different. Oh man, was it ever!

The company culture permeated the convention room at the Grand America Hotel before I even walked in. It was a happy, energized peace based on family and friends. I felt my Core Values met and emphasized in this group of people. Around the room, men, and women of all ages met together to share their love of health and vitality.

I almost cried when I saw the health, values, and love coming from these people. They were a healthy, wholesome bunch–but not in the weird sense, just in a sense that I could get behind this company and not be embarrassed by any of the people enjoying the Doterra oils.

So let’s add a positive, uplifting company culture to our Doterra Review.

That brings us to 6 benchmarks for reviewing this company: unique product, dynamic corporate team, powerful pay plan, easy to enroll, and the fabulous culture of the company.

At the last leadership retreat I attended, the chief of finance announced that this company is on track to be one of the fastest companies to reach the $1 Billion mark in ALL of network marketing history. Unbelievable.

And then he showed us the numbers that totally blew us away.

Man! This company is poised to be a household name in the next few years. Think AmWay, Avon, MaryKay, Shaklee or Herbalife are big names? Just wait and see what happens with Doterra in the next few years as they reach their 5th year anniversary and blow everyone else out of the water.

I am so proud to be a part of this company. The quality and care I receive as a consultant as well as the training and tools I have access to are simply mind boggling.  And how awesome is it to tell someone a story about how you stay healthier and have more energy because of a product you get from Doterra.

The only thing I would recommend to someone considering joining Doterra is to make sure that you have an online system that will help you get leads all over the world to go with your expanding local market. See what system I recommend here at www.teamabundanceonline.com.

In conclusion, this Doterra Review covered the main essentials to look for in a network marketing company that make this company one to sit up and take notice of. Doterra is a company with a fabulous product, excellent team of leaders, brilliant compensation plan, perfect culture, and is so easy to share and enroll people it’s MAGIC. Either take my word for it, or take action and try the oils today–free, as my gift to you. Watch this Doterra video to see how you can get your free sample now.

To your Good Health and Happy Networking!


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